Our Story

Hi! I am Katie and welcome to Little Sensory Sacks!

I'm a part time primary school teacher and full time toddler wrestler! I've always been interested in the development of babies and children from a young age and the psychology behind it. 

Little Sensory Sacks started in October 2019 after I created a sensory sack as a gift for a friend and her new baby! I had some items left to make more sacks up, which I then put on eBay! A month later, I opened my shop on Etsy!

After over 700 sales on Etsy, worldwide, I decided it was time to create my own website... so here we are!

The idea of the sensory sacks came about after struggling to buy items for my son all in one place, for his first Christmas. I found myself buying the items either in bulk or spending a long time finding the right things. As he started to become more aware, I started throwing some of the sensory items into his changing bag, but they just floated around! When creating a sensory gift for my friend's baby, I decided a drawstring cotton sack would be the great place to store the items!

I love seeing how simple items can engage a baby and continue helping them learn beyond being a toddler!