Product Safety Guidance and Care Instructions

We work really hard at Little Sensory Sacks to offer you beautiful products to help encourage and promote early years development. Each one of the items within our sensory collection is handpicked to provide a benefit to your little one and as parents ourselves, we know how important it is to ensure your little ones are safe. We therefore encourage all parents and caregivers to read this page to take note of any product warnings and follow any guidance and care instructions.



The intention of the items within our sensory collection are for parents to use to aid sensory and fine motor development in their little ones. This collection is made up of a variety of items from traditional toys and other items which haven’t been manufactured for the purposes of play, but have excellent sensory benefits (think foil blanket for example).


Any item that has been manufactured for the purposes of play, has been tested to the European Toy Safety Standards EN71 (Parts 1, 2 & 3) and will be labelled as having the CE mark. This means they are safe for children to play with. These items may still come with warnings (such as not suitable for under 3’s), so please check the full product description and any labelling applied to the product for specific warnings. Some items have the CE mark on the box and not on the product, as we take the product out of the box. Please ask if you would like to see evidence of the CE mark. 

If your box contains items that have not been listed with the CE mark, or you have purchased individual items that do not show the CE mark, this means that the item has not been tested under the European Toy Safety Standards and is to be used as a developmental aid and not a toy. This doesn’t automatically mean it is unsafe, it means that the item hasn’t been through the relevant testing to determine it is suitable for babies and children to play with. We therefore need to be clear that babies and children should not be left unsupervised with these items and they should not be put in the mouth. We encourage that these items are stored away out of reach once your sensory discovery time is finished.

If it isn’t clear whether your item has been tested to the relevant standards please always err on the side of caution and follow the advise as if the item has not been tested. Please feel free to contact us ( in this instance and we can clarify.

Please discard any items with signs of wear and tear.


We recommend regularly cleaning your items as well as before first use. Any specific care instructions can be found on the product labelling, otherwise please follow the care advise below.

Fabric products from the sensory collection should be hand washed. All other items can be steam cleaned (with the exception of battery operated items), or cleaned with a damp cloth and non-bleach based antibacterial cleaner. Any wood or silicon products should not be soaked or submerged in water and to preserve the wood, we recommend treating it with an organic oil (such as coconut oil) after cleaning.